The Huts Eastbourne

Following a seven month process with over 50 architects from all over the world entering in the professional category and over 40 entries in the community category, the judges selected four winners from a shortlist of 8 in the professional category and 1 from the shortlist of 3 in the community category.  An exhibition of the shortlist was open to the public, whose combined vote counted for 30%.


Winning Designs

  • Stephen Foley from Dublin based SFA for his illuminated ghost-like structure What Unearthed?
  • Jacob Low from JaK Studio for his window on the world Spyglass
  • George King from London and Melbourne based George King Architects for the stellar designs of Star Gazers’ Cabin and
  • Ewen Miller and Kim Smith from the RIBA Award winning Calder Peel for the joyfully bright sun-filled Eastbourne Re-Bourne.
  • The winner in the community category is local artist Sheila Hay and students from Sussex Downs College with their beautifully crafted ceramics hut.
This concept of The Huts Eastbourne is a brilliantly charming and innovative way of marrying culture and community, delivering visually engaging multi-functional spaces for all to enjoy. These unique and eclectic structures are full of personality and will adorn the seafront with sculpturally interesting moments that contribute to Eastbourne’s individuality. British beach huts are full of charm and happy memories, and by giving the local community the opportunity to vote for their preferred designs, these contemporary reimaginations have the best possible chance of engaging all generations in an equally endearing, popular and memorable way.
— Alex Chinneck, artist and honorary judge on the competition
We are really pleased to have been a part of this competition. The Eastbourne Borough Council have done a great job in structuring the competition so that it was accessible not only to established firms but also emerging practices such as ourselves. We want our beach hut to be a positive and exciting addition for the community and beyond, hopefully attracting new visitors to Eastbourne and prompting the public to think differently about what British seaside towns can offer.
— George King Architects
Like all great ideas the iconic beach hut competition is quite simple in its purest form, albeit complex to deliver. Turning my idea into the reality of having 5 unique, quirky winning designs is the result of B&R’s ability to quickly understand the concept, develop it and deliver a quality product.

I’ve been particularly impressed in the way they bought a specialist team together, grasped an understanding of other important relevant disciplines and delivered against my outcomes. They gained national media attention, an international field of architect entries and galvanised the local community.
— Martin Jones, Senior Programme Manager – Regeneration. Housing and Economic Development Partnership, Eastbourne Borough Council/Eastbourne Homes Ltd.